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Jun 25 2014

Real time web applications with SignalR (BNE .NET UG)

Recently I presented on SignalR at the [Brisbane .NET UG][1] Here are the slides (and screencast) from the night: <iframe src="//" width="427" heig...

Dec 04 2012

DDD Brisbane 2012

DDD Brisbane ------------ This year I've was lucky enough to present at DDD Brisbane again. The topic this year for me was Windows 8 / WinJS. **Windows 8 Javascript Apps: getting it right** Win...

DDDBrisbane Presentations
Jul 27 2012

Building Responsive Mobile Web Applications with MVC4 and HTML5

Finally, here are the list of resources from my "Building Responsive Mobile Web Applications with MVC4 and HTML5" presentation (26th July). ![alt Slides][1] If you want the slides or further info...

HTML5 JavaScript MVC
Apr 03 2012

Build a JavaScript Mocking framework in 10 minutes

How to roll your very own JavaScript Mocking framework in 10 minutes

Jul 19 2011

QMSDNUG - Building Windows Phone 7 Apps for the Enterprise

Unfortunately at QMSDNUG the demos I presented didn't all go as well as I'd hoped, mostly they crumbled into the abyss - thanks to me tweaking some settings in IISExpress. I've posted some screen c...

WP7 Presentations
Jul 04 2011

DDD Sydney

![alt DDD Sydney][1] Thanks to everyone that attended DDD Sydney, and definitely the guys who tirelessly organised it! I thought it was an awesome day, I really enjoyed the other talks I watched ...

WP7 DDD Presentations
Jun 05 2011

WindowsPhoneMVP - Sending Events to the Presenter

The MVP pattern allows for a lot of flexibility when developing Applications, in terms of if you need to invoke something in the view or on the model then you have that option. However, one downsid...

WP7 WindowsPhoneMvp
May 26 2011

How to configure Autofac on WindowsPhone7

Getting setup ------------- While I have been off spending time with WindowsPhoneMVP, Autofac and other various projects, it seems that there is no real guides around for quickly configuring Autof...

WP7 Autofac
May 24 2011

Autofac on Windows Phone 7

Programming on Windows Phone 7 is still a fairly new concept, new articles are surfacing frequently about how you can architect your new WP7 apps....

Autofac WP7
May 15 2011

WindowsPhoneMvp Quickstart

WindowsPhoneMvp is an MVP implementation for Windows Phone, the MVP pattern works well on Windows Phone because of its testability and flexibility.

WP7 WindowsPhoneMvp
Apr 28 2011

Introducing Serene for Windows Phone

![alt Serene][1] Serene is a library for Windows Phone 7 that allows applications to self monitor usage and try to prompt good users to leave feedback on marketplace. Getting users to leave feedb...

WP7 Serene
Mar 27 2011

Reflection and other gotchas on Windows Phone 7

As you have probably read already, I've been trying to port [Autofac][1] over to the Windows Phone platform. While getting most of it up and runni...

WP7 Mobile
Mar 19 2011

Unit testing with WindowsPhoneMvp

For a little while now, I've been working on two projects along with WP7 development, the first is a WP7 version of [Autofac][1], and the second is [WindowsPhoneMvp][2]. Testing looks to be somethi...

WP7 WindowsPhoneMvp UnitTesting
Aug 14 2010

Mobile Web Toolkits

**Mobile Interface Toolkits** These toolkits are currently free* and provide many styles and effects for developing mobile websites for Webkit ...

Html JavaScript Mobile
Jun 19 2010

Lambda Function Factory

Ever dreamed of owning a Function Factory? Unfortunately this one might not make money, but it does make functions. The reason you might use s...

.NET Code Snippets
Jun 12 2010

New Blog

I've finally had time to update my blog to HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC2. Although there is a little bit of work left to get things humming along, whe...

HTML5 General
Jun 08 2010

HTML5 Browsers

**Who supports HTML5?** The following sites have some good charts on the most cutting edge browsers sporting the latest HTML5 support * [ht...

HTML5 Apple
Dec 13 2009

Roll your own AJAX Extender for JQuery Calendar

Just for something different, I’ve created my first impromptu screencast demonstrating how easy it is to create your own AJAX Extender for JQuery ...

Sep 04 2009

Your code via NDepend

Recently I’d had the opportunity to begin exploring code through the eyes of NDepend. I’ve pointed NDepend at my code, open source projects, code ...

.NET Product Reviews
Aug 20 2009

CR_ClassCleaner now with Refactor key

On occasions I’m sure I’m one of many that take advantage of the CR_ClassCleaner plug-in for CodeRush. For one reason or another the other day, I...

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