HTML5 Browsers

Who supports HTML5?

The following sites have some good charts on the most cutting edge browsers sporting the latest HTML5 support


Webkit based browsers are definately leading the charge, with Safari5 (released just after the WWDC2010 Keynote) for Mac and PC adding support for these HTML5 features (*new in Safari5):

  • Full screen for <video>*
  • HTML5 <header>*
  • Closed captions for <video>*
  • HTML5 <hgroup>*
  • Geolocation*
  • HTML5 <nav>*
  • HTML5 AJAX history*
  • HTML5 <section>*
  • EventSource*
  • HTML5 sandboxed <iframe>*
  • WebSocket*
  • HTML5 draggable attribute*
  • HTML5 forms validation*
  • HTML5 <ruby>*
  • HTML5 <article>*
  • HTML5 <aside>*
  • HTML5 <footer>*
  • HTML5 contenteditable
  • HTML5 offline storage
  • HTML5 <video>
  • HTML5 <canvas>
  • Cross-origin resource sharing
  • HTML5 <audio>
  • Web workers

And for all the Bing search lovers, you'll be happy to know, thats built-in now too.

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Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:13PM


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