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Thanks to everyone that attended DDD Sydney, and definitely the guys who tirelessly organised it! I thought it was an awesome day, I really enjoyed the other talks I watched as well as the after drinks :P It's really not hard to see why the DDD events have been getting ever more popular in Australia.

I'd like to share my slides from the day in case anyone wants to review anything. *Also just a reminder to all those who watched my presentation you've got a week to grab your free copy of Mindscape's great Phone Elements!

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We already know that Mobile Phones are a powerful tool in the hands of the right people. In this session we look at how we can use the Windows Phone 7 platform to integrate with the greater enterprise to deliver precise, clear, visual information to key stakeholders who are on the move. We’ll also look at strategies around how to make data available by leveraging Windows Azure as well as how it can be consumed in respect to importance and urgency. Lastly we’ll discuss all those important questions around delivering our enterprise apps to the right people.



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