Macbook Multi-touch Trackpad Driver update

After recently updating to the latest aluminium macbook and loading back on Bootcamp with Windows Vista, it become very apparent that the existing drivers for the Trackpad are basically unusable. Apple's discussion forums where overflowing with threads complaining about poor compatibility, things such as even right-clicking or left-click-dragging becoming non-trivial. overview-hero20081014

This year I've also taken a summer uni semester to try and finish the Masters finished a little quicker. Finally I have a compatible version of mac:Word and Endnote, so I've spent the entire time in OSX, WOW! The multi-touch trackpad under OSX is sooo freak'n smooth, it really redefines how laptop mice 'should' work. The simple gestures and movements make a wide variety of common desktop tasks seamless and easy, some of these things include, Scrolling, Activating Expose, Zooming, etc.

The new drivers for Windows Vista and XP do not have the same sheen as using the trackpad under OSX however, they will at least allow use of the trackpad to get you out of trouble. Huge improvement, thanks to Apple for listening to the noise.

If you use bootcamp and an aluminium Macbook definitely download them from the Apple site immediately.

EDIT: Please see the next post if you experience blue screens from the update.

Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


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