How to Import Data From MindManager 7 Lite Into Project 2007

MindManager is a very slick product, it looks and feel like every other Office application. I've used this product for a few university project management assignments to create things such as work breakdown structures (WBS) as well as just general information organisation.

The version I'm using is the Lite version (heaps cheaper) which still carries a lot of features but lacks the integration to other office products. It also lacks the additional information you are able to attribute to the topic nodes such as start, finish dates, time estimates and resources. Although these would also be nice to have from a project point of view, I guess I can live without doing it directly in MindManager as they sound a lot more like scheduling tasks to me. Which is where MS Project Integration would be awesome.


To bridge this gap for the Lite version I've decided to write a plug-in for Microsoft Project to import the information directly out of MindManager.


Then viola, you can even use the relationship links between the nodes to create task predecessors automatically. As much as I've enjoyed using Mind Manager, re-entering this task information would be a real negative to actually using it productively. So you should be able to use this little plug-in if you're unsure you want to spend the additional $250US right away but still want some form of Project Integration. Oh and its only one way, no pushing information back.


The plug-in can be downloaded here, should work with both MindManager Lite and Pro. Of course, this is a free util, no warrenty or support.


Get the Plugin or Browse the source code

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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


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