Netgear SC101 (finally) does Vista

I just couldn't resist sharing the news with all those who have been burned with the Netgear SC101 network storage device. Call it what you like NAS, SAN, Hard drive with blue cable plugged in, doorstop, whatever. Netgear has finally after a few delays (6+ months), released a Vista driver, which, yey, I can verify works on my Vista Business Edition. I still haven't had any luck with getting it installed on Windows Server 2008 (errors with "Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver" whatever that is), but hey, 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

So if you're one of the people who upgraded to Vista and had to put your SC101 back in the box for a few months, head on over to the support page and grab the latest driver attempt. Good luck.

"Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver" Workaround.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments here. There is a workaround to get the SC101 Driver software installed if you've come across this error.

  1. If the setup has failed, uninstall / restart
  2. Run the installer again, this time select the "custom" install option and chose an alternative install directory (some suggestions from below are "C:\SC101" or "C:\Program Files\Netgear\SC101\")
  3. The utility should now install successfully.

Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:13PM


9/16/2007 11:23:05 AM
Hey Brendan,

I think the most problematic compatibility issue with Vista and the generic NAS is most likely to be due to the need for a Samba server v.3.. I've had some compatibility issues with my Linksys NSLU2, but after i upgraded samba.. everything works well`
9/26/2007 7:09:47 PM
It is still not working with vista-64. Allthough the site is telling you they have vista-drivers, they do, but not for vista-64. So be warned!!
9/30/2007 7:10:38 PM
I keep getting "Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver" on my Vista Ultimate.
On my XP Pro, the upgrade utility complained about some mirror problems and suggested to fix them. I should have said no, but I did not.
As a result my mirror was lost and could not be recreated on any exsisting drives. I had to do a lot of data copying to get my mirror back.
Big disappointment.
2/7/2008 12:37:04 PM
Upgraded to Vista x64 and can't find drivers for SC101. Had drivers for Vista x32. Also had problems with drives disappearing on WInXP Home. Waiting for Vista x64 drivers so I can finally upgrade my XP pc to Vista. Wish Netgear would hurry up and release drivers for Vista x64! It's been long enough!
2/11/2008 4:44:57 PM
Fresh Vista install including the official MS SP1.
Now has "Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver" , this was not the case without SP1
2/20/2008 4:21:52 PM
Does not work with Vista SP1... cannot install Z-san.

Not good Netgear!
2/24/2008 9:30:33 PM
Vista drivers or not. This thing is a pile of CR*P. Mirror breaks all the time and I have gone through 6 drives.
5/19/2008 5:20:26 PM
Netgear SC101
6/10/2008 11:59:02 PM
I purchased a new laptop with vista sp1. Netgear
has sent me all these fixes but none work. Very
exasperating. I keep getting the msg failed to install z-san driver or driver missing. I asked a tech. how to install on vista and he answered different questions but not the main question.

6/16/2008 7:31:42 AM
Just install it out of the "program file" or "Archivos de programa" directorys. Click custom in the install program and create a directory just typing it like C:\SC101T. and......¬°VOILA, it works!
6/21/2008 6:50:04 AM
Does not work with Vista SP1.
(errors with "Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver")
can't install Z-san.

BED Netgear!
6/25/2008 9:40:47 AM
I'm having the same problem with Vista sp1, netgear told me to install the latest service Pack.. mmmm me thinks they have not got a clue !!
6/28/2008 4:30:27 PM
The trick for me was to disable UAC in vista. user account control.

7/2/2008 11:36:33 AM
Can't tell you how frustratng this has been for me. It was working well under XP, but when I brought the new Vista machine in as my primary, it wouldn't work for me. After an hour on the phone with an incompetent tech support rep, found this page.

I did a couple of things:

1) I went to my old XP machine an updated the firmware as instructed at their site (it took about 15 minutes for it to update once I started the process... be patient).
2) I disabled all of my McAfee protections (Firewall, registry watcher, etc.).
3) I diables UAC as advised here (found the instructions on another page).
4) I selected the "custom" install option, and chose an alternative install directory as advised here, as well (I used C:\Program Files\Netgear\SC101\).

It finally worked for me this morning after a very angry and frustrated night. :)
7/5/2008 11:34:42 AM
I got the "Failed to install the Z-SAN SCSI miniport driver" problem with Vista and also with XP after that I upgraded the SC101 to the newest firmware. When I tried to update the SCM utility to the latest version, I got the famous error message and the program deinstalled also the older version of SCM utility. I was close to give up when I tried to first deinstall the SCM and then to load the new SCM by using the custom install instead of the automatic "complete" install. And surprise: it installed my Z-SAN drivers properly. I did the same on the Vista system and it worked also without problem. I hope this can help somebody. No need to disable any firewall.
7/7/2008 3:10:39 AM
I got a refurbished one, 30 days warranty. It took me 3 angry and frustrated days to figure out all kind of different combinations. It' more like a reverse engineering process. BTW I'm a electronics hardware design engineer.
The instructions page of NetGear sucks. This thing is a damn time killer. Eventually I got it working under XP. Now I'm dealing with Vista SP1, I would like to thank GOOGLE and everyone here. So I got a clue to proceed. Followed Gregg M.'s approach, I got "Failed to install the Z-SAN Storage Class Filter Driver".

Maybe we are those working for Hi-Tech, no easy life. Same for NetGear, I just worry if one day they decided to let it go. What we gonna do with those special cared format discs.
7/7/2008 7:54:55 AM
Cool! Had problems installing on Vista SP1. With the changes conveniently listed by Gregg, the utility now installs correctly :)
7/12/2008 1:44:04 AM
Awesome, spent a couple of nights trying diffrent things and the suggestions left by Claude worked a treat!!! Thanks Mate
7/17/2008 9:39:50 PM
I'm running Vista Home Premium SP1. I used the advise above suggesting a "Custom" install and choosing an installation directory other than the default (i.e. C:\SC101).

The installation was successful for my SC101. It must be something in the default name for the installation folder that doesn't account for or match up with Vista. In any case, it worked!
7/26/2008 12:45:51 PM
I can't believe it.
After many trys, mearly changing the default instal directory made it work.
Many thanks to those who posted to this list.
7/27/2008 8:10:38 PM
This worked for me....

Just install it out of the "program file" directorys. Click custom in the install program and create a directory just typing it like C:\SC101T. and......VOILA, it works!
Left by podarcis65 on Jun 15, 2008 7:31 PM
8/4/2008 5:18:51 AM
cr*p, the SCM utility can't be installed in vista x64.
8/8/2008 7:13:37 AM

I have Vista-Ultimate-x64 and a netgear SC101 working reasonably well together, despite the lack of x64 driver.

Solution: I have installed a MS Virtual PC (this is free) running Win2K (I had an old license), and installed the SC101 package on this virtual machine. Then, you just have to share the SC101 disks on the virtual machine network. Vista will see them.


8/20/2008 12:40:01 PM
I have upgraded from Windows XP 32 bit to Vista 64 bit.
The SC101 ran fine on XP but not Vista, downloaded the Vista drivers from the Netgrear support web site, expecting a smooth update of drivers but no, drivers will not even install onto my PC, it seems that these only work on the 32 bit OS. My SC101 is now obsolete and maybe Netgear is going the way of General Motors Inc.
I just purchased the Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Link which now gives me access to my networked drives through Vista 64bit and Ubuntu 64 bit and it took less that 5 minutes to setup

8/23/2008 2:13:41 AM
I used the Disable UAC and the alt install location on Vista Home Pre and it Worked Great. Thanks every one for you help.
8/23/2008 5:00:01 AM
if you got Vista ServicePack 1 - just use custom install and install the scm software to c:\program files\netgear - this should solve the problem

9/5/2008 8:46:06 PM
Forget Vista! I'm a Mac user, and I have searched forever for Mac drivers for my SC101. I heard a rumor that a 3rd party software company has brought out a package. Any word on that?
9/6/2008 7:03:36 AM
Works for me on Vista,

kept having iSCSI mini port error (many trys)
post above suggested to choose custom install

change destination files to SC101 from utils....etc see below

C:\program files\netgear\SC101

and hey presto linked and working
10/15/2008 7:40:34 PM
Many thanks to you lot, after fighting it for a week or more I finally managed it with all the input you lot have given, Netgear...problem, what problem? as per normal. This goes to both the nay sayers & the rest as you all helped (now got to remember the reboots, the reboots are important) ;-)
10/23/2008 5:31:41 PM
cum on NetGear got to much of your grand gear in house. why not a recognizable driver for the 64bit vista version
11/5/2008 1:40:05 AM
Thanks for the solution using the custom install and the C:\Program Files\Netgear\SC101 folder worked like a charm
11/9/2008 1:14:50 AM
Count me as another disappointed Netgear guy. I just installed the 64 bit Vista and now my SC101 is a doorstop. Plus, with the way Netgear formats harddrives (from what I hear), I cannot use the hardrive else where without reformatting again.
11/14/2008 7:39:02 PM
I tried all that was said here except the UAC thing, how do I do that. I have vista premuim sp1 32 bit. I want my sc101 back this p's me off I have messing with this for months.
11/22/2008 3:19:15 PM
Like Ethan, I got stuck with "Failed to install the Z-SAN Storage Class Filter Driver" after following Gregg M.'s approach.

Then Brian said "(now got to remember the reboots, the reboots are important)".
I rebooted and it all work, thanks guys!!!
11/22/2008 3:21:03 PM
Like Ethan, I got stuck with "Failed to install the Z-SAN Storage Class Filter Driver" after following Gregg M.'s approach.
Then Brian said "(now got to remember the reboots, the reboots are important)".
I rebooted, installed again and it all works, thanks guys!!!
11/25/2008 4:40:43 AM
SC-101 biggest piece of $hit ever. after 10 times trying to install Z-san, the dreaded error occurred. finally read the last post here about the reboots and changing the directory. It actually works. I hope the drives are still functional after my SC 101 "accidentially" hit the concrete wall...

Reboot, Change the install dir and have a cocktail.
11/26/2008 12:29:20 AM
Have Windows XP SP3. Got the error message repeatedly. Tried the fix, using custom install to "C:\Program Files\SC101" and still could not load. Finally DID try "C:\SC101" (NO "PROGRAM FILES"!!)and it seems to have worked! Thanks to podarcis65 6/15/08 post.
12/8/2008 3:44:04 PM
Thanks for posting the workaround for the S101 SCM. I was successful only once I used the custom install. Thanks to all.
1/4/2009 2:03:40 PM
WOW!!!! After months of trying and question, this site has managed to get my sc101 to work with vista. Doing a custom install and changing the install dir does work. Chees guys and gals.
1/24/2009 3:16:24 PM
After days of unsuccessful attempts to instal I found your blog and tried usung the 'custom' method. Installed fine. Thanks a lot.
1/28/2009 1:46:24 AM
Netgear's answer to V64: 1/12/2009 8:24:00 AM
Agent ID: 1528

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for choosing NETGEAR. My name is Shiva and I will be your support engineer.

Netgear SC101 does not supports 64 bit operating system and we are not sure about the exact time frame when the drivers will be released.

Ours engineers are working upon that. Since there is a limited market for 64- bit drivers, and creating them is expensive, NETGEAR has no immediate plans to release 64 bit drivers for NETGEAR products. This would raise the cost of the products for all other customers

Thanks again for choosing NETGEAR. Have a great day!


Technical Support
2/1/2009 3:17:18 PM
NETGEAR: i read the response above and I'm shocked that the company is being short sighted about 64 bit support. I run a sizable laboratory and i tell you that although the business side of IT is moving slowly to 64 bit platforms, the science and technology side is going pretty quick to IPv6, virtualization and 64 bit operating systems. Suggest you keep up. Cloud computing in the home, media server, fancy colorful web interfaces and ease of use is the call of duty today, even serving maps and icons(location apps) are a great application for your products. Whatever you do, adhere to widely adopted standards Don't let companies like Mvix and far east made cheap NAS eat your lunch. I also have a ReadyNAS Duo and love it. Looks cool too which my geeky girlfriend loves(who would have thought a NAS as an item of seduction!!). But you are falling behind in getting the market right. Steal a page from Mvix, QNAP and Linksys. I don't mean to be overly critical, i just want you to do well.
2/13/2009 1:12:06 PM
"Agent ID: 1528
Dear Kevin,
Netgear SC101 does not supports 64 bit operating system and we are not sure about the exact time frame when the drivers will be released.

Thanks again for choosing NETGEAR. Have a great day!


Technical Support "

Is that girl on drugs or something?
You bought it, it doesnt work with vista 64, they basically said they are never gonna get it working and she finished off the message with "thank you for choosing netgear"


I wasted my money on netgear sc101, even after getting around this problem thanks to you guys the damned thing is so unreliable.
3/15/2009 9:20:35 PM
Thanks a million for you site and the input from you guys, I'd never have got this going without this page.

As with the rest of you, I've been trying to get an SC101 to work on my two vista laptops.

The secret is to download the software from the second link on this page:-

then during the instalation, change the root where you want to install the software

Thanks again guys
3/21/2009 5:17:15 AM
I cannot believe this! After installing the SC101/SC101T SCM Utility Version 3.0.6_Build 6 driver on my laptop (Vista Enterprise SP1) and updating the firmware of the SC101 to 4.23, after rebooting I get a BSOD.

I rebuilt my laptop and attempted a clean install of the driver and I get: "Failed to install the Z-SAN Storage Class Filter Driver" error. FREAK! :mad: I have searched every forum and tried seemingly every option. EPIC FAIL!

Now, I go to my desktop which is running WinXP SP3 still. I can run the ut.exe and gain useful, valid information. The drive share names and IP's seem to be intact in the CMD window. But the old version of the SCM will not create a drive, won't attach to a drive, and cannot manage either drive, but sees them as 0Mb available and standard names. So I have limited connectivity, but it's obvious that the systems can still communicate.

So I go to install the SC101/SC101T SCM Utility Version 3.0.6_Build 6 driver after uninstalling the previous version and finish. Then I reboot, and... BSOD! :mad:

*%$ is going on with this PITA driver that is crashed two very well built and maintained systems!? This must really hose things because not even a "repair" reinstall will work from the OS CD. Sooo angry! I would LOVE to charge Netgear with my hourly rate as an IT Professional.
3/22/2009 1:33:44 AM
Finally, I have this ridiculous piece of garbage netgear calls software installed on vista ultimate sp1. What a joke those freaks at netgear are. I mean seriously, could they have done a worse job? What did they write this in, vb macro? The install process is a pig to begin with and all the stupidness you have to go through to get it to take is such a major pain. For me, I had to disable UAC, use the custom install location trick, *and* turn off my security packages. Waste....of....time....
6/8/2009 11:20:50 PM
Had problems most the day trying to install on Vista-SP1 32-bit. Can't wait to try what Gregg and others suggest. (I'll let you konw)
6/12/2009 10:00:55 AM
SUXX you netgear
2/13/2011 2:47:49 PM
Thanks to Gregg M and the Forum and all you guys that made your comments and let me find a way to install this!
I have managed to install the SCM software for my SC101T successfully on Vista Home, 32 bits, SP2. Fortunately the latest version of the firmware was already stored in the SC101T.
I did following:
1) I worked attached to the router via a cable, not wireless.
2) Disabled the UAC.
3) The Windows Firewall did not interfere at all, tried it both ways, on and off.
4) Via "Custom setup" I sent the software to C:/SC101T instead of the default.
All works fine, the Explorer recognises the drive as it should.
Thank you, I was not yet completely frustrated but I was quite on a successfull way to be so.... ;)
4/3/2011 8:53:09 PM
Thanks to all who posted on this site.

Best advice was to me was:
1) Disable UAC
2) Reboot (important to reboot just prior to install - definitely if a failed one since last reboot)
3) Use custom install and change install directory

Still took bloody ages to install but my Vista netbook (was a mistake getting vista) now recognises the SC101.

Hope it's reliable - seems one or two of yours aren't.

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