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Yes, I'm one of the crowd now, all because my old host Jumba is turning off the last of their Windows boxes, and coincidentally, the one I was hosted on. This has happened previously when they shut down some legacy Windows servers and forced everyone on it to upgrade.

Since Jumba is now no longer offering HELM windows hosting they have recommended xHostSolutions who have pretty comparative deals to what I was previously on, only better. This now gives me access to an MS Sql Server database, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to install SubText.

I still think that Single User Blog is a great place to start when you want to start sinking your teeth into ASP.NET 2.0, its very easy to get your head around and start using all the cool features that ASP.NET has to offer. This is one thing, but I'm now itching to try something a little more feature rich such as SubText. I do admire what wordpress has achieved in the blogging world, but I just can't seem to stray away from .NET, and not to mention the fact that wordpress is written in PHP.

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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
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6/13/2007 5:15:13 AM
Well WordPress is an inspiration to the Subtext project, but I think we can do even better eventually due to the great platform we're building upon. It's a lofty goal and one we're nowhere near to, but easy goals are no fun. :)

Welcome to Subtext.
6/14/2007 12:14:41 PM
Yeah I do agree that Wordpress is one of the most polished packages around. I also acknowledge that PHP is a widely used language, it's just not a language that I want to learn. I'm sure it's easy but I'm more interested in rich OO languages like C#, Python etc...Whatever blogging platform I use, I want to be able to extend and maybe contribute something back, it just so happens I enjoy using C# :)

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