Server Move, SUB and MySQL Dataprovider

Since around February I have been hosting my blog with Jumba on some funny unlisted plan which rocked.  I think it was costing around $5 a month with 5gb space and 10gb transfer using a Plesk7.5 interface.  Well apparently it was too good to last as a few weeks ago I received a letter telling me that my legacy server was going to be shut down at the end of October, my only options are to upgrade to a new plan or find another webhost.  After looking around I couldn't find windows hosting that was any better so I upgraded...

I have been working on migrating my existing blog for the past week, but no matter what I did I could not write to my Sqlite database files.  After too much frustration I ported my Sqlite datalayer to MySql5, which was initially easy because its all based on IDataReader, but I do plan on moving most of the SQL to stored procedures to tidy it all up.

Once this was done all I had to do was export into BlogML then...error.  My BlogML2.0 export seemed to error because somebody had somehow left feedback without supplying a name. So after fixing my data the export from Sqlite and Import into MySql5 'just worked'.

So here it is, welcome to my Melbourne based MySql5 driven blog.

Edit: OMG! Just realised its Friday the 13th...hope it's a good day to relaunch my site...

Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


10/13/2006 2:10:35 PM
Good to hear that the BlogML 2.0 stuff didn't leave you with *too* many headaches Brendan :-)

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