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I have been aching to try out Live Writer to do a post...but no success yet :(

Many people have probably seen the "Powered By ASP.NET 2.0" button.

So I thought it was only fair to convert it into a Powered by SUB button.

Powered By Single User Blog

Or here's another more subtle one.

Powered By Single User Blog

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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


9/7/2006 4:31:57 AM
Dude, I've got it working for SUB. I'll do my very best to get it checked into CodePlex soon!

PS. Like the second button image - that should be the default feed image...
9/7/2006 12:58:42 PM
That's awesome, can't wait to try it because me and FreeTextBox don't get along.
9/7/2006 5:40:57 PM
Nice buttons Brendan. I'll have to add them to my blog if I ever get the time :S
9/12/2006 4:01:38 AM
Just to let you know - I've checked in the support, and it's available on CodePlex. It should also be part of the 2.1 release in mid-October.

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