Look before you leap

Here's my own little rant I'd like to add to articles like this: http://beyr.wordpress.com/2006/02/27/stupid-people/

This needs to be posted to bring shame upon those who accuse and complain before they think and examine.

On the weekend I was having a picnic with my family at one of the park benches beside the beach. After a while a 'stupid person' walked back to their car (which was parked beside mine). A few seconds passed before they started ranting at the top of their lungs "Thanks to the person that owns this car!" (pointing at my car) "For putting a dint in my brand new car". At this stage I was a little unsettled but still watching the fuss as I knew for a fact that my door didn't go anywhere near her car. Then she started getting edgy and striding around my car writing down my number plate blah blah blah, then when it looked like she might launch some kind of revenge attack (after some more screaming) myself and my father decided to go over and take a look.

"So is everything ok?" we asked. She replied "Well not really!, you just dinted my brand new car, look! your door has swung out and dinted it!". Now, two things come to mind straight away, firstly, the mark in question was yellow, not white like my car, second of all it was no where near where the radius of my door would reach. "That looks like grasshopper guts, or dirt...Do you want me to just rub that off for you?" my dad asked only be met with a hesitant "NO!".

So she rubbed it...and the mark was gone...

Now! Just to recap on the situation, there is stupid screaming ranting blonde in the car park making a fuss and accusing me without first examining the facts then can't distinguish between a yellow smudge of grass hopper guts and a dint.

If she was wearing an "I'm Stupid" sign I probably could have spoken sloooower and more calmly tried to gently explain the difference between dirt and dints, they do both start with a 'd' so I can see how its easy to get confused, or not!

Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
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7/18/2006 12:40:36 AM
I hate car parks. In my opinion, in general people are inconsiderate pricks that show no care around other peoples cars.
7/20/2006 11:23:07 PM
A few years ago I had the opportunity to be that stupid person. We came out of the shopping centre into the car park at Chermside to see a woman running after a shopping trolley that was heading for my car. She caught it just as it connected. This was good as it was travelling very quickly, but it was bad because my car was consequently dinted.

Here upon is my perfect opportunity - do I launch a full blown attack on her stupidity for letting her trolley get away from her and damaging my car. Or do I thank her for at least trying to catch the runaway trolley.

The trolley in question was empty. I had no way of knowing it was hers or not. Personally, if I saw a free roaming trolley heading for a parked car I would try to stop it and move it. So I couldn't rightfully assume it was hers and go on the attack.

But I'm not blonde.

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