TrekXP, A Concept and Initial Idea


Below is a description of a bug tracking and project management concept that I think would help handle business driven development for an internal software development unit. It is understandable that IT will of course be needed to make recommendations (forceful decisions in some cases) over what needs to be developed next, however in general the overall product should mainly be driven by the user's highest priorities and desired features.


There seems to be a lot of bug tracking software out there, however, I'm struggling to find an extensible package that properly incorporates some kind of XP model.

TrekXP is an issue management and development tool focused around the XP model, this allows for proper facilitation of Use Cases, Iterations and Acceptance Testing. Issue tracking will also be built in along side this and will more focus towards helping the developers manage technical aspects. TrekXP will use this issue data and progress information to update the project timeline and provide statistics for the set iterations and use cases available to the customer side.

An actual product or interim release could be set up as a milestone, a milestone may contain many iterations and an iteration can contain many use cases.

Both an iteration and milestone are able to be given set timeframes, this correlates directly with the time estimates a developer has given to each use case. The goal of this is to create iterations that are realistic and achievable.

This setup will allow the customer role to be involved during the entire development process leading up to a milestone release.

Areas that need work:

I'd have to say I'm not entirely sure my model will satisfy the requirement for proper Use Acceptance Testing or time tracking. I think I'll need to work through this some more.

Some of the reports that should hopefully be extractable:

  • Current open tickets
  • Tickets by developer
  • ... All other ticket statuses and options...
  • Predicted completion date vs specified date
  • Team efficiency
  • Team velocity
  • Percentage Project/Milestone/Iteration/Usecase/Ticket completed

Related Links:

  • Trac - Trac is a great project management tool that uses a simplistic approach. It also incudes some great features such as a Wiki and integration with SVN.
  • XPlanner
  • Scrum
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