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You blog has signed-inToday I was browsing the website ProgrammableWeb, which lists the Web APIs by a lot of well known sites. One of the things that caught my eye was MSN, and then I noticed they had a listing for Messenger. After clicking details I soon found it was only a description of how Javascript can invoke a chat window from the installed messenger client.

I wanted to take this idea further and maybe integrate something Messengery into SUB. After a single search I come across DotMSN, a C# library for Messenger. So& as an experiment I've integrated the library into SUB. When someone begins to browse my site (like you are now), the first person there invokes the blog to sign-in. After the blog has signed in, it then checks the accounts in its contact list to check if I'm online, so without doing anything, you know if I'm on the net, and I know somebody is on my blog.

So how can we communicate? Well for now I've added some functionality into the comments event, when you leave a comment, SUB will send it via Messenger to me as well as to my set up email account as normal.

I guess there are limitless things you could do with a blog that signs into msn but I think I'll leave it at that for now and see how it goes. What do you think?

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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


5/21/2006 10:01:36 PM
This is interesting Brendan, are you planning to make the source code for the PresenceWebPart available?
5/21/2006 11:27:49 PM
Yep I'll post up the source later, provided if my blog doesn't crash and burn before then. I'm still considering the MSN side of this as experimental.
5/22/2006 12:48:48 AM
That is actually quite functional as it'd let your commentor's know if you're online. By knowing that, they know if they should/might expect a reply from you in a timely manner if required!


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