Additions to SUB

Just downloaded and included the ASP.NET Google SiteMap control, had to modify it a little so it looks at the mainMenu="true" option. You can have a look at its output here.

Also I've added a Post Archive, which just passes straight down to the sqlite datalayer where it groups posts by a formatted month/year string.

The other addition so far is a new search control on the sidebar. It also passes straight down to the sqlite datalayer and returns the appropriate post records.
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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


2/28/2006 1:43:58 AM
I think it is time to start dumping out some technical information about how you're doing it Brendan!

3/5/2006 6:14:39 PM
As of SUBv2.0.1 I've now integrated into SUB's archive viewing functions and I'm also using Darren's webpart.

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