Netgear SC101A few weeks ago I purchased a netgear SC101, here are my pros and cons of the shitty device. Firstly if your going to waste money on one of these, read some other reviews on the net first...I sure didn't.

About: The SC101 is a device you can put on your network and plug a few hard disks into it, load the (windows only) software onto your computer and away you go. Seems like a pretty good trouble free idea for pumping potentially a lot of storage into your network (if it worked).


  • It looks like some kind of cool network toaster..mmm..toast...
  • You can put 2 hard drives in it, so can potentially store alot of stuff It can span disks and make 1 really big one It can mirror disks, so you have failsafe data
  • You can buy multiple SC101s and span the disks on those
  • Doubles as a good door stop


  • Its not a toaster...a toaster would be more useful though Its Windows only, you won't be getting any cross-platform love here
  • The Storage Central Manager software (THE ONLY way of configuring the device), is one of the dodgiest things I have used in a while
  • It formats your drives in some wierd-assed format NOT recommended for a novice computer user...
  • TOO much messing around to get the thing to work sometimes
  • I spanned a it doesn't show up without heaps MORE messing around
  • It probably isn't worth much if you sold it as scrap metal
  • I already have a door stop

My advice to all those thinking about buying one of these: Go and buy a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, Netgear claims the SC101 is a SAN (Storage Area Network) device. I really think that a NAS device would be much more trouble free and they are cross platform.

The SC101 could have been a kick-ass product, but its not. For whatever reason the implementation just doesn't work. If someone from Netgear out there ever reads this; please rewrite that crappy Storage Central Manager and make it do stuff good..and fast. When a Mac compatible version comes out, then I'll start to be impressed. If anyone else out there still wants one of these little toasters...I'll swap you for a NAS device.

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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


3/5/2006 10:21:39 AM
The new firmware that come out recently (v4.19) has improved things alot. My SC101 now responds much quicker then it used to. Still not the best, but better.
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