New phone

My telstra plan is nearing its end, so I took the opportunity to go with a new phone...this one is financed on vodafone. I dunno what vodafone is like so i'm gunna find out. The ‘pre-paid-plans’ allow you to bail at any time which is good I guess. So do I have a new number? Well the story goes…

My number started out as a Communic8 number on pre-paid which was OK, but the phone sucked. This number was then ported over to Optus pre-paid which kinda sucked + the new phone was sim locked to Optus, but it was a cool nokia phone.

Anyway I then ported that number back over to a Telstra 24 month plan, good free phone but the plan really really sucked and there was two years of it, bleh.

So now i'm leaving Telstra and taking my precious number with me once Vodafone... I have already been using my vodadfone account all the time, since the rates are much cheaper, oh and the vodafone website has a pretty cool account manager. My Telstra sim is getting to the point where I’m too afraid to turn it on, in case there is like a turning on your phone flag fall or some other stupid expensive useless fee which is charged per 30 second interval…Bad Telstra BAD!

Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:15PM


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