is mscorsvw.exe bad?

I've noticed an unusual process starting up after I installed Visual Studio .NET 2005 b2.

mscorsvw.exe is .net 2.0's assembly optimizer. The good news is; it starts up and works away in the background optimizing .net assemblies for your pc. However I did notice, when installed on WindowsXP SP1 that has been upgraded to SP2 the mscorsvw.exe process starts up and claims an unbearable amount of CPU.

It is apparently supposed to optimize in the background after it does your core assemblies which should apparently only take a few minutes. If it doesn't you've got a problem.

My solution come coincidently when my install of windows conveniently died a week or two after, so I installed a combined fresh copy of WindowXPSP2 and the problem never appeared. So my only conclusion is it might have been something weird happening with .net 2.0 and my install of XPSP1 upgraded to SP2

For more information see this article which may answer any other questions: What is mscorsvw.exe and why is it eating up my CPU?

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Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
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4/7/2007 9:03:48 AM
"It is apparently supposed to optimize in the background after it does your core assemblies which should apparently only take a few minutes. If it does you've got a problem." Don't you mean, "...If it _doesn't_, you've got a problem"?
1/25/2008 7:13:43 AM
I don't use VS but I do use GTK environment to make apps. But since I don't have this VS installed I have never been asked to do anything with it. Recently I decided to try a game called Rapplez that some friends told me about. Game is from G Potato online games. After I installed some of these games to just try it out, I ended up getting prompts from my firewall to allow this mscorsvw.exe app to connect out to the internet. Its the first time I have ever been prompted like this before. My question is this harmless or is this game trying to do something I don't want it to do.
6/20/2008 2:21:53 PM
Maybe mscorsvw.exe was trying to find if it should help or block the game- Microsoft has tried to block the competion of the games MS provides with windows.
2/2/2009 12:33:53 PM
I am trying to track down everything extra that bogs down my machine so I don't have to buy a new one for Warcraft.

Until I actually did all of the windows updates (due to a [email protected]#$king virus), I didn't have mscorsvw.exe.

I am getting rid of it. It's not that it's bad, it's that it's from Microsoft - which is bad.
4/1/2009 7:20:24 PM
Two words: Fuck Microsoft
(actually Microsoft isn't even a word)
10/21/2009 6:30:12 AM
jen, if you hate micro$oft, get linux. simples.
12/1/2009 11:04:27 PM
Yes, coz stupid "idle" task freezes my UI for minutes (even 15 if I resist not to reboot the damn thing). This happens on Athlon64 3000+ with xp64 sp2 updated (with Cool 'n' Cuiet active). I guess, it doesn't allow to switch powerstates to normal and it takes like forever. Cheers!

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