The 4th of July

Well today was an interesting day, after a late sleep in we decided to we wanted to go to the Great Mall, which is a shopping complex consisting of 6 blocks of over 200 outlets. The great mall is located about 50 miles south-east of San Francisco and being a sunday the there were problems getting into contact with the bus company for information. So we went to rent a car...we went in intending to get a normal compact and come out with a Jeep Wrangler...Well its probably the roughest and crudest thing ever to take to the road. Anyway the aircon worked and about .5 hour later we were down in Milphitas where the Great Mall is located. We walked around for a few hours and had a look at way to many cloths shops, there were some pretty neat touristy gift shops there aswell. On the way back we thought it would be a good to stop at Stanford University and take a look. Well...MASSIVE is one word to describe it...its has a really beautiful relaxing well maintained clean look and feel to its surroundings, the grass is a perfect green and the sky was a nice shade of blue, the building are not shabby at all, they all have a classic architectural feel to them. After this we come back to San Francisco and eventually found parking in an ally for the Wrangler. We then ventured down to fisherman's wharf to see what the lo-commotion was all about. By the time we arrived the fire works was over, so we settled for some BubbaGump shrimp which was pretty nice..they even come out and gave us a quiz on the movie before we got our meals.
Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:16PM


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