Around SFO

Today we traveled around San Francisco some more, and checked out some of the shopping and tourist attractions. We first ventured to the San Francisco shopping mall. After this we traveled a few blocks west on Bus 38 to Japan town where a huge street-like market was taking place with all types of food, art and dancing (not all Japanese though, none of it was Japanese dancing come to think of it...But there were some Japanese people dancing...) . So after this we wondered through the Japan Town Shopping center where we had lunch, Yudon and Sushi which was pretty good. After browsing some of the shops which were filled with all the toys/lollies and other novelties from Japan we went back to the hotel for a sleep. Later on after a small recovery we caught a tram to pier 39 and walk around there for the remainder of the evening. An attraction that we visited at pier 39 was a Penny Arcade, containing working machines which were kind of interesting...there was also a machine to squash your pennies into souvenir coins. Fisherman's wharf (where pier 39 is located) is full of night life and touristy type shops. We had dinner at a pizza place there which claimed to have "San Francisco's most raved about pizzas", they were ok...After that we just headed back to the hotel in a taxi.
Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
Last revised: 21 Sep 2013 12:16PM


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