WWDC Day 2

Day 2...Well we found out by email there was a competition for the best Dashboard component at the end of the conference. So naturally we wanted to go to the session "Dashboard Widget Development" only to find it really packed...Of course there were 3500 people wanting to win a free PowerBook.

The next session was called "Developing for Automator" which is a new product for Tiger which allows users to have a "Visual" scripting for workflow environment. This means that users can drag and drop tasks from various applications to form a workflow of actions. A very easy way to script for the end user. This session was about how to develop and deploy these actions for the end user to use. However I felt that this project was a little under developed as they kind of got beat down by the audience during the Q & A with a whole bunch of "what-ifs".

After lunch we attended the session on the new video codec called "H.264" which effectively can half the required bitrate for some existing MPEG-4 movies, so you can now get 2x the quality for your bandwidth. It looks very promising, this codec will also be used with the new iChat AV conference mode on Tiger.

Another announcement that was also received through email was that Sun invited us to come and attend the JavaOne conference pavilion area which was also happening just down the street. So in the afternoon we went over there to check it out. The pavilion area of the JavaOne conference was just massive in comparison, with hundreds of stalls set up and tons of freebies to get. Here I was able to chat with some people from companies such as Business objects the makers of Crystal Reports, IBM Alphaworks - they do some really neat research related to java, Borland who promised us that JBuilder XI will be even better and faster on mac then before, some more where HP, Sony Ericsson, BEA, Wise, Parrasoft and Macromedia just to name a few.

Back at WWDC during the evening was the Apple design awards, which is awarded to companies and people who have made outstanding use of Apple technologies. Then followed by "Stump the Experts" which is a crazy game show style session where people ask crazy questions about development related stuff to see if the Apple experts know the answer. The best one of the night I feel was "What is the most expensive album on iTunes website", the story come back with the guys on stage rang the manager of the iTunes music store, who then rang the database administrator who performed a SQL query and come up with a price of $106 for a 6 set collection of [can't remember the artist]. Anyway the experts were awarded a point for this as the price they come up with was actually more then the most expensive album the guy in the audience had. All in all it was a pretty good night.
Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
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