WWDC Day 1

Yey well we its finally starting! The first session of the conference is from Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Computers. During his session entitled "Steve Jobs and Mac OSX 'Tiger'". Jobs announced the new 30" lcd display as well as an insight into Apples success into the music world. These included the release of the Apple iPod and iPod mini, as well as iTunes and Airport express with Airtunes. The next step to this was the partnership with BMW who have included a cable to connect the iPod straight into the audio system in some of there cars, included the Z4 and the awesome Mini models. The new OS that was previewed was of course Tiger. Tiger is mac os version 10.4, the next evolution in the OSX series. Some of the new features included, Dashboard, Improved windows support, improved underlying architecture and an option for programs to take care of 64-bit processes, a new and improved safari, XCode and several other new programs such as Automator. After this session we were given a copy of the WWDC preview Tiger seed to play around with and maybe start developing for. Very cool. The other sessions that I attended were "Development Technologies Overview" and "Graphics and media state of the Union". The development technologies overview was an insight into the new enhancements of XCode with versions 1.5 for Panther and 2.0 for Tiger. Some of the new enhancements are code completion and enhanced support for java, the ability to take advantage of 64-bit processes. The last session I attended was "Graphics and Media state of the Union". This session was about the introduction of Core Video and Core Data. The Core technologies are designed to take advantage of OSX's underlying optimisations, which can greatly enhance application performance. The more impressive to this was the Core Video technology. The demo presented where was the "live" application of filters to a video clip, no waiting or processing, just instant results. The Core Image package also has this same ability to apply filters for instant results. The core data package was the one I was least impressed with, although I was unable to attend a Core data session an apple engineer was explaining to me that it works mainly with only 2 data sources one being XML files and other XML type formats and also connects the program SQL Lite, an open source database server.
Posted by: Brendan Kowitz
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