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Jun 05 2011

WindowsPhoneMVP - Sending Events to the Presenter

The MVP pattern allows for a lot of flexibility when developing Applications, in terms of if you need to invoke something in the view or on the model then you have that option. However, one downsid...

WP7 WindowsPhoneMvp
May 15 2011

WindowsPhoneMvp Quickstart

WindowsPhoneMvp is an MVP implementation for Windows Phone, the MVP pattern works well on Windows Phone because of its testability and flexibility.

WP7 WindowsPhoneMvp
Mar 19 2011

Unit testing with WindowsPhoneMvp

For a little while now, I've been working on two projects along with WP7 development, the first is a WP7 version of [Autofac][1], and the second is [WindowsPhoneMvp][2]. Testing looks to be somethi...

WP7 WindowsPhoneMvp UnitTesting
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