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Jul 06 2004

Staying? Going?

Its all over now, today we are supposed to fly back to Sydney. We checked out of the hotel at around 2pm so then we were left to walk around Union...

Jul 04 2004

The 4th of July

Well today was an interesting day, after a late sleep in we decided to we wanted to go to the Great Mall, which is a shopping complex consisting o...

Jun 30 2004

WWDC Day 2

Day 2...Well we found out by email there was a competition for the best Dashboard component at the end of the conference. So naturally we wanted t...

Jun 29 2004

WWDC Day 1

Yey well we its finally starting! The first session of the conference is from Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Computers. During his session entitled "Stev...

Jun 28 2004

Student Day

Student day was about introducing students to WWDC and helping us make the most of our experience. The speakers were pretty interesting, there was...

Jun 26 2004

San Day 2

Yep, today we took a tour of the city and alcatraz for a lean $60us. We cruized around san fran in a double decker bus, getting out at some of the...

Jun 25 2004

San Day 1

Pretty much just arrived in san francisco and went in the organised limo (the thing was huge) to the Pickwick hotel...when we got there we just fe...

Jun 24 2004

Leaving for San Francisco

Well I leave for San Francisco tomorrow for Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. It should be a blast! Think everything is in order after a sc...

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