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Dec 07 2006

Cleaning Up ASP.NET Sessions in Google

ASP.NET and Dirty Urls There are two things that have been bothering me about pages that are getting indexed in Google from an ASP.NET application...

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Oct 27 2006

ASP.NET Mobile Content

A few weeks ago before everything started getting really busy both personally and work wise, I still somehow found the time to put together a mobi...

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Sep 15 2006

Url Rewriting using IHttpModule vs ISAPI Rewrite

Why not use IHttpHandler for rewriting: You can find the previous post I've done on this subject here, it has a c# source code example and will a...

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Sep 07 2006

Powered By SUB

I have been aching to try out Live Writer to do a post...but no success yet :( Many people have probably seen the "Powered By ASP.NET 2.0" butto...

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May 27 2006

Online Presence Webpart

You may have noticed that over the past few weeks I have been trying to build more interactive elements into this blog, some of t...

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May 21 2006

Your Blog has signed-in

Today I was browsing the website ProgrammableWeb, which lists the Web APIs by a lot of well known sites. One of the things that caught my eye...

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May 09 2006

New webparts, SUB Monthly Archive List

I've had a couple of experimental things going on here in this blog. Firstly is the Archive page, it now renders the archive list in a similar fas...

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May 05 2006

New SUB Theme

Just for something random I decided to re-arrange the objects in the banner and adjust the link font sizes.

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May 02 2006

Webparts without SqlExpress or SqlServer

One of the things that has been annoying me for some time about Webparts is that silly dependency on SqlExpress/SqlServer. My webhosting at Jumba ...

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Mar 11 2006

Update: Sqlite Dataprovider for SUBv2

Here is the new Sqlite Dataprovider for SingleUserBlog v2.0.1. It is now supports string IDs so any existing SingleUserBlog can migrate easily. ...

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Mar 08 2006

IHTTPModule vs IHTTPHandler

The proof of concept IHTTPModule friendly url rewriter for SUB using regular expressions. For my previous post regarding friendly urls see here. ...

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Mar 05 2006

SQLite data provider for SingleUserBlog

Please be aware that it may still have bugs. I have been using it now for about two weeks, making small refinements as I’ve found them. To Instal...

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Mar 02 2006

ASP.NET Google Sitemap

Probably the best thing about SUB is its simplicity. There are two things I’d like to try to document in this post, firstly is the code for adding...

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Feb 27 2006

Additions to SUB

Just downloaded and included the ASP.NET Google SiteMap control, had to modify it a little so it looks at the mainMenu="true" option. You can have...

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Feb 25 2006

Jumba, SingleUserBlog and nGallery

I signed up with Jumba a few weeks ago now, so I’ve been really trying to get at least SOMETHING onto this webspace. There were a couple of condi...

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Feb 24 2006

SingleUserBlogV2 Test

Just a test post after setting up SingleUserBlogV2, all my data is stored using a custom Sqlite dataprovider I wrote. Will explain it all later.

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