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Feb 22 2008

Graffiti Cms by Telligent

There are a fair few CMS solutions floating around in .NET at the moment, a good general comparison tool can be found at Cuyahoga ...

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Feb 21 2007

A Free, FreeTextBox Alternative

I don't know why but FreeTextBox has just never cut it for me. It's wonderful and easy to install and it comes as a nice control in a .NET assembl...

Dec 17 2006

Search Engine Optimization for .NET

Search Engine Bot Detection So after I first noticed a large build up of strange session Urls in Google searches for my domain I've then done a li...

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Dec 07 2006

Cleaning Up ASP.NET Sessions in Google

ASP.NET and Dirty Urls There are two things that have been bothering me about pages that are getting indexed in Google from an ASP.NET application...

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