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Sep 04 2009

Your code via NDepend

Recently I’d had the opportunity to begin exploring code through the eyes of NDepend. I’ve pointed NDepend at my code, open source projects, code ...

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Jul 17 2008

How to Import Data From MindManager 7 Lite Into Project 2007

MindManager is a very slick product, it looks and feel like every other Office application. I've used this product for a few university project ma...

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Feb 22 2008

Graffiti Cms by Telligent

There are a fair few CMS solutions floating around in .NET at the moment, a good general comparison tool can be found at Cuyahoga ...

ASP.NET Product Reviews SEO.NET
Jul 03 2006

ParaSoft .TEST Test Drive

Intro Over the last few months we have been attempting to implement some 'better' best practice ...

General .NET Product Reviews
Jun 14 2006

Programming Visual CSharp 2005

Programming visual C# 2005: The Language by Donis Marshall Book highlights for me:Below is a brief list of some of the language highlights prese...

General .NET Product Reviews
Nov 28 2005


A few weeks ago I purchased a netgear SC101, here are my pros and cons of the shitty device. Firstly if your going to waste money on one of t...

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