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Jul 19 2009

Create NHibernate classes using T4

Overview Over the last little while there have been a raft of posts about using T4 templates, I think most of this seemed to be sparked from the ...

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Aug 18 2008

What would NHibernate ICriteria look like in .net 3.5?

If NHibernate decided to ditch compatibility with plain old .net 2.0 and focus on 3.5 how would the ICriteria interface change? Previously I was t...

.NET Code Snippets NHibernate
Jul 22 2008

NHibernate Type Safety using Lambda Expressions

I can't remember if this has been around before, I do vaguely remember seeing something like it. However, I just wanted to apply a snippet of co...

.NET Code Snippets NHibernate
Mar 29 2008

NHibernate Compatible Shared Hosts

NHibernate is a remarkable ORM, however with all the magic comes a few caveats, these being the difficulties running NHibernate apps in a shared h...

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Dec 19 2007

ASP.NET Databinding lazy properties

Every since using NHibernate, the effort required to use Many-to-many and one-to-many joins in business objects is a brainless exercise. When usin...

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