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Jul 27 2012

Building Responsive Mobile Web Applications with MVC4 and HTML5

Finally, here are the list of resources from my "Building Responsive Mobile Web Applications with MVC4 and HTML5" presentation (26th July). ![alt Slides][1] If you want the slides or further info...

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Aug 14 2010

Mobile Web Toolkits

**Mobile Interface Toolkits** These toolkits are currently free* and provide many styles and effects for developing mobile websites for Webkit ...

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Jun 12 2010

New Blog

I've finally had time to update my blog to HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC2. Although there is a little bit of work left to get things humming along, whe...

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Jun 08 2010

HTML5 Browsers

**Who supports HTML5?** The following sites have some good charts on the most cutting edge browsers sporting the latest HTML5 support * [ht...

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