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Aug 09 2005

New phone

My telstra plan is nearing its end, so I took the opportunity to go with a new phone...this one is financed on vodafone. I dunno what vodafon...

Aug 03 2005

What can u do with 1 hour?

In the hour since i got up this morning what did i do...1. I exercised for 1/2 an hour2. Ironed a shirt for work3. Did the washing up4. Made and a...

Jul 27 2005

Yes Mr Police man...It happens..

My house mate’s parents sent him a package from India…now the package was in a box about the size of a medium rice cooker (that’s what was in it h...

Apr 26 2005

Konfabulator for ALL!

Very very cool.. Works with windows and mac..As for Apple's dashboard?

General Computers
Apr 14 2005

Tiger is coming...

It’s finally happened… Apple to Ship Mac OS X “Tiger” on April 29 ...

General Computers
Apr 11 2005

IBM Alphaworks

Yep...And yet another reason why I like IBM AlphaWorks...Using .NET winforms from within Eclipse...they'll do anything.

General Computers
Apr 07 2005

SQL Server diagrams

SQL Server diagrams help visualise your database schema, but copying them seems to be a little tricky. Here is an article on MSDN that will help: ...

General Computers
Apr 05 2005

JGoodies or SWT

An alternative to SWT? I have no idea, haven’t tried it yet. JGoodies provides cross-platform JGoodies-Forms and JG...

General Java
May 29 2004
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