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Jun 19 2010

Lambda Function Factory

Ever dreamed of owning a Function Factory? Unfortunately this one might not make money, but it does make functions. The reason you might use s...

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Sep 04 2009

Your code via NDepend

Recently I’d had the opportunity to begin exploring code through the eyes of NDepend. I’ve pointed NDepend at my code, open source projects, code ...

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Aug 20 2009

CR_ClassCleaner now with Refactor key

On occasions I’m sure I’m one of many that take advantage of the CR_ClassCleaner plug-in for CodeRush. For one reason or another the other day, I...

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Aug 18 2009

Replace default DNN calendars with AJAX Toolkit Calendar Extender

Although DNN is a very capable CMS, one thing I’d really like to do is send this guy back to 1993: While using a component we purchased (FormMas...

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Jul 19 2009

Create NHibernate classes using T4

Overview Over the last little while there have been a raft of posts about using T4 templates, I think most of this seemed to be sparked from the ...

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Jul 13 2009

The MethodLinq concept

There are now a lot of Linq providers around that do various different things. However, some interfaces were never meant to have linq. In fact the...

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Oct 05 2008

ASP.NET + jQuery: What about PrototypeJS?

Well done jQuery As everyone already knows, Microsoft has announced that jQuery will ship in the future with Visual Studio. I think this really is...

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Aug 18 2008

What would NHibernate ICriteria look like in .net 3.5?

If NHibernate decided to ditch compatibility with plain old .net 2.0 and focus on 3.5 how would the ICriteria interface change? Previously I was t...

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Aug 16 2008

Upgrading to subtext 2.0-fail

It's been a long time in between updates for subtext, but, has it actually been worth it? Well, kinda. Compared to the 1.9.5 release this one seem...

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Jul 22 2008

NHibernate Type Safety using Lambda Expressions

I can't remember if this has been around before, I do vaguely remember seeing something like it. However, I just wanted to apply a snippet of co...

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Mar 29 2008

NHibernate Compatible Shared Hosts

NHibernate is a remarkable ORM, however with all the magic comes a few caveats, these being the difficulties running NHibernate apps in a shared h...

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Feb 22 2008

Graffiti Cms by Telligent

There are a fair few CMS solutions floating around in .NET at the moment, a good general comparison tool can be found at Cuyahoga ...

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Nov 09 2007

IDataErrorInfo for ASP.NET

As far as I'm aware ASP.NET doesn't support IDataErrorInfo, I've asked about this in many places, including Tech.Ed '07 with no success. The close...

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Jun 10 2007

Another SubText Blog

Yes, I'm one of the crowd now, all because my old host Jumba is turning off the last of their Windows boxes, and coincidentally, the one I was hos...

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May 17 2007

Stopping ASP.NET web.config inheritance

If you are only ever running one ASP.NET application on a website this is not an issue. However, if you are running a site which may have an appli...

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Mar 06 2007

The C# @ String Literal

C# is a pretty sweet language, and there are many, many, many little things that just make the code that much nicer. Have you ever been in a situa...

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Feb 21 2007

A Free, FreeTextBox Alternative

I don't know why but FreeTextBox has just never cut it for me. It's wonderful and easy to install and it comes as a nice control in a .NET assembl...

Feb 05 2007

Hello IronPython for ASP.NET

Although this is not new news (released November 2006 I think), I'd like to point out how cool having Python run ASP.NET is.  I don't actually kno...

Dec 17 2006

Search Engine Optimization for .NET

Search Engine Bot Detection So after I first noticed a large build up of strange session Urls in Google searches for my domain I've then done a li...

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Dec 12 2006

ASP.NET 2.0 Mozilla Browser Detection Hole

It has recently come to my attention that there is something drastically wrong with the way search engines have been indexing my ASP.NET 2.0 blog....

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