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Jun 10 2007

Another SubText Blog

Yes, I'm one of the crowd now, all because my old host Jumba is turning off the last of their Windows boxes, and coincidentally, the one I was hos...

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May 17 2007

Stopping ASP.NET web.config inheritance

If you are only ever running one ASP.NET application on a website this is not an issue. However, if you are running a site which may have an appli...

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Mar 16 2007

ERROR: 42601: a column definition list is only allowed for functions returning record

Since the postgres forums appear to be a little quite, I'll post my error here as well.  This error is in regards to the postgres .net npgsql driv...

Mar 06 2007

The C# @ String Literal

C# is a pretty sweet language, and there are many, many, many little things that just make the code that much nicer. Have you ever been in a situa...

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Feb 21 2007

A Free, FreeTextBox Alternative

I don't know why but FreeTextBox has just never cut it for me. It's wonderful and easy to install and it comes as a nice control in a .NET assembl...

Feb 05 2007

Hello IronPython for ASP.NET

Although this is not new news (released November 2006 I think), I'd like to point out how cool having Python run ASP.NET is.  I don't actually kno...

Dec 17 2006

Search Engine Optimization for .NET

Search Engine Bot Detection So after I first noticed a large build up of strange session Urls in Google searches for my domain I've then done a li...

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Dec 12 2006

ASP.NET 2.0 Mozilla Browser Detection Hole

It has recently come to my attention that there is something drastically wrong with the way search engines have been indexing my ASP.NET 2.0 blog....

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Dec 07 2006

Cleaning Up ASP.NET Sessions in Google

ASP.NET and Dirty Urls There are two things that have been bothering me about pages that are getting indexed in Google from an ASP.NET application...

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Nov 06 2006

Brendan's C# Modifier Keyword Guide

After a little bit of thought from my last post I decided to write a small sample class and use tooltips to document what some of the most common ...

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Oct 31 2006

The public new overridden int ID

As with most days I learn things about programming and C# that I didn't know before, until I've already past the point where I know I'll never eve...

Oct 27 2006

ASP.NET Mobile Content

A few weeks ago before everything started getting really busy both personally and work wise, I still somehow found the time to put together a mobi...

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Oct 13 2006

Server Move, SUB and MySQL Dataprovider

Since around February I have been hosting my blog with Jumba on some funny unlisted plan which rocked.  I think it was costing around $5 a month w...

Sep 15 2006

Url Rewriting using IHttpModule vs ISAPI Rewrite

Why not use IHttpHandler for rewriting: You can find the previous post I've done on this subject here, it has a c# source code example and will a...

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Sep 07 2006

Powered By SUB

I have been aching to try out Live Writer to do a post...but no success yet :( Many people have probably seen the "Powered By ASP.NET 2.0" butto...

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Aug 22 2006

KHTML, Webkit, Swift

I found this project the other day while I was searching for something about kde, it's the Swift web browser. Swift is a shell for the Win32 port...

General Internet
Aug 13 2006

Trackback Spam, meet Akismet

Just recently I have been getting bombed with more trackback spam then I'd like. SUB has some built in protection for this by scanning the incomi...

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Aug 08 2006

WWDC 2006 Kicks off

WWDC, one of the more important events of the year for Apple has kicked off at 2am Aussie time with Steve Job's keynote presentation. This year A...

Aug 03 2006

Accessing controls on a masterpage

Here are a couple of neat things in ASP.NET 2.0 that I've used recently. Access the controls on a master page. You'd think it must be poss...

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Jul 17 2006

Look before you leap

Here's my own little rant I'd like to add to articles like this: This needs to be posted to ...

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